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All-in-One PC
The All-in-One PC from Shuttle merges energy-efficient technologies with innovative operation. A touch screen display and Intel Atom processors characterize this attractive innovation.
Mini PC
Configure your Shuttle Systems according to your exact needs and wishes. Shuttle offers the possibility to design your very own system. Choose a basic configuration, change components and take advantage of the Shuttle service. Your Shuttle System will be built to order and tested thoroughly to guarantee its reliability. Shuttle Systems are always the right choice, whether for basic, home-media or performance.
Slim PC
Tiny machines that punch well above their weight. Although just a few centimetres thin, these Slim PCs are packed with intelligent and energy-saving technologies. Some models are also HD-compatible.
Exceptional requirements call for special solutions. Shuttle offers innovative platforms that take the user far beyond everyday applications. Explore new territory with powerful Mini-PC workstations.

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